Fallen Service Member Monthly Giveaway

 Each month, ImagineHatch will hold a drawing of the names of fallen service members and will choose one name. We will be donating a military rank to the family of the fallen to honor their memory. We love our military and we love our country. We hope that this opportunity to say thank you to the families of the fallen will spread far and wide! 

● This giveaway is to honor deceased United States military members only. 

Names of individuals that did not serve in the United States military are not eligible. 

● United States Military includes: United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army (​Including National Guard and Air National Guard)​, Air-Force, and Coast Guard. 

● Names can be entered between the first and last day of each month (i.e. Oct 1st-Oct 31st). 

● There will be only 1 (one) winning name each month. 

● Drawings will take place on the 1st day of the following month and will be announced on our Facebook page: @ImagineHatch (i.e. October’s giveaway will be announced November 1st) 

● Anyone may enter a name: spouse, child, relative, friend, etc. 

● Names are entered in the order that they are received and a random name will be chosen using the Pickster App. 

● If we are unable to make contact with the individual that submitted the winning name within 48 hours, we will draw another name using the Pickster App. 

● All names that did not win will be entered into the next month’s drawing. ● This giveaway will continue for a minimum of 1 year (September 2018-August 2019) and may extend beyond these dates at the discretion of ImagineHatch. 

● Each individual may enter up to 5 names. (Exceptions for Chaplains; no limit to the number of names enter into each drawing.)  

● Cause of death has NO bearing on eligibility, all fallen United States service members are equally eligible. 

● Entries that consist of only a first name, or last name will not be eligible. 

How to enter a name: ​You may contact ImagineHatch through our Facebook Page or email at ​imaginehatch@gmail.com​ 

To be entered into our giveaway, please include the following in your message: 

a. Your full name and relation to the fallen service member. 

b. Name, Phone number, and Address of the next of kin or individual that the rank will be sent to. 

c. Proof of Death ​(i.e. Death Certificate, Obituary, Facebook Memorial, etc.) 

d. A short bio of the fallen’s story (will be shared on ImagineHatch Facebook Page) 

e. Full name, rank, branch, and date of birth of the fallen service member. 

f. Photo of the fallen service member. ● 

Winning Item: We will provide a free wooden rank with a base and will engrave the name of the fallen service member. Free shipping is included to all 50 states and all FPO/APO addresses. Please note: This giveaway is intended to honor those that have made the greatest sacrifice. Please do not enter names of individuals that you do not PERSONALLY know. ImagineHatch reserves the right to disqualify an entry for any reason, including lack of required information.

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