We are a small home-based business, owned and operated by dual veterans, husband and wife. We still serve our country, and community all while raising a family and running a business. That doesn't stop us from giving our customers' orders the best quality and attention to detail that we can provide. Our mission is to create the things that make memories last, the things that get a laugh, and the things that make a home or office seem a little more inviting. 

We take what you imagine and hatch it! 

ImagineHatch is a proud Volunteer Wood Shop Instructor at Falcon NC Children's Home. 

Laser Etching and cutting

Laser Etching can be done on most finished surfaces. Wood, finished metals (nonreflective), plastics, glass (both tempered and plate), leather, bamboo, marble, paper, ceramic, etc. 

We also make plaques, barcodes, memorial bracelets, and stencils. 

Firearms can be engraved on the bluing, paint or wood stock. Car/motorcycle parts that are finished and non-reflective can also be engraved. A coating of molybdenum can be applied to non coated metals and etched or permanently baked to the surface. 

Laser cutting can be achieved on wood, acrylic/ plastics, and card stock up to 3/8

Laser Etching and cutting is ideal in many applications because of its ablity to accurately show detail

Router Milling

Most of the custom wood items are initially produced on our cnc router mill and finished by hand. We can mill wood stock that is 3 inches thick and up to 60 inches by 31 inches. For larger orders, boards are completed in 60 inch increment files. Use of the router mill enables us to produce accurately sized items as well as 3 dimensional images. Utilizing a small local saw mills for native Carolina hardwoods and exotic woods is what sets ImagineHatch apart from the average wood crafter. Because we do not purchase our supplies from big box stores, please keep in mind that no two pieces of wood are the same so each item we make will vary in grain detail. We are able to get unique grain patterns, live edge, and bark on half rounds to create one of a kind personalized works of art to become a conversation piece in your home or add that touch of character to your business. We custom make anything from your small wood dish change holder to as big as your kitchen table. Contact us about your idea and let's make it happen! 

Want a Size, Color, or Design You Don't See?

No big deal! Use our Contact Us page, or give us a call @ 910.835.0980 and we'll make it happen!  

We love custom orders and never shy away from a challenge, so give us your best shot! 

Bulk Ordering and Wholesaling

Are you a business or organization looking to make a bulk purchase?  Call us first for special pricing!  

Retailers, contact us for wholesale pricing and promotions.

Does Size Really Matter?

YES! Size matters.... You'll want to measure the space you wish to place your item BEFORE purchasing.  

All of our sizes are described width x length, so a 5x7 will be tall and a 7x5 will be wide.  Also, all of our measurements are assumed in inches, unless otherwise stated.